Credit recovery choices valued unevenly


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When a student fails an English 9 or 10 class, they must choose between one of two options. Take credit recovery over the summer, or even after school in the fall; or re-enroll in those classes during the school year.

English teacher Denise Weis urges students to complete credit recovery outside of school hours.

“There might be some kids that just, for whatever reason can’t, you know, they’re not in town, or they’re working… but if they can’t do it during summer school then they need to do it in the fall after school,” Weis said. “We have been advocating for them to be in credit recovery. Not taking up seats. We only have so many resources, we allocate those resources and if those kids are unsuccessful the first time, they really need to be looking at alternatives.”

Senior Jacob Coons has chosen to recover his English credits after school due to his busy summer schedule.

“I went on vacation, so I couldn’t finish it,” Coons said. “I have to make it up but it’s better than me being in an English 10 class as a senior, like throughout the whole school day; throughout the whole term. You can do most of it at home though, you just like, go to meet with your teacher.”

Weis believes students should take the summer course option to recover their credits.

“But there were kids who didn’t bother to show up the whole summer, and, you know, did not take the opportunity they were given. So they should be in the credit recovery now after school, not in a regular class.”

Junior Jaheem Seay is currently enrolled in CP English 10 to make up his credits.

“I feel like it’s a little weird, to like, be an upperclassmen in the classes I should’ve been doing last year, but I’m fine with it,” Seay said. “It’s the same thing. As an upperclassmen, when you fail a class and go back in to it, I feel like you get, like, more support than you did the first year, because they know, like, you probably didn’t get the materials and stuff.”

Students unable to complete the credit recovery programs over the summer should contact counselors regarding after school recovery courses.