Student Government hosts annual Club Rush


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Student government hosted the annual club rush Monday at lunch.

Students gathered in Campos street to learn about all the different clubs and programs offered around RHS.

Student government activities director Brent Mattix says the students had a much bigger hand in the event than he did.

“I don’t have any part. This is all student led, so we’re making sure everything’s well organized. We’re making sure we didn’t have any mistakes or left any clubs out, and we’re making sure we have opportunities to invite every club and let them participate.”

Club Rush gives all the clubs around RHS an opportunity to spread the word about their club and to help recruit new students to find something that they enjoy to participate in.

Senior Sydney Fulgencio took part in the event by helping run the culinary table.

“We’ve passed out a few fliers, and some freshmen are interested, so we’ll have to wait until…they come.”