RJUHSD furthers digital equity initiative


Juniors and seniors in underclassmen classes received Chromebooks last week as a continuation of the Digital Equity initiative. Next year, all seniors will be receiving Chromebooks.

Junior Nicole Lopes appreciates having a Chromebook to use for her Spanish 2 class.

“I think it is nice, since I am in classes that are primarily freshmen and sophomores,” Lopes said. “It makes it easier not only for the teacher but also for me, where I now have this Chromebook so I can access the homework that we do online from anywhere.”

Biology teacher Jeffrey Underwood finds the Chromebooks have helped with a changed biology curriculum.

“Everything’s online, all the worksheets that they have to do are online, in addition to interactive notebooks,” Underwood said. “Pretty much everything we have to do is going to be within the realm of the internet.”

Sophomore Jadin Da Cunha did not have computer access last year, and feels that Digital Equity has made the increasing online research and homework easier.

“I didn’t have a Chromebook [or] computer,” Da Cunha said. “I’ve never had one ever. Last year I had to do most things on my phone, but now I can just use a Chromebook.”  

Underwood values the Chromebooks’ role in making knowledge more accessible to students of all backgrounds.

“The most important part is leveling the academic playing field for kids who might not have computers or technology at home, and that’s what I really like about it,” Underwood said. “Now we [have] students that have this technology to use and all [these] opportunities.”