Netflix’s Iron Fist renewed for second season




After a first season which critics ripped to pieces, Netflix has given Marvel’s Iron Fist a second season. The new trailer was absolutely packed with action and amazing visuals of the new iron fist suit, which the first season lacked, making viewers hesitant to watch the second.

The trailer has introductions of new characters as well as a re-appearances of old faces. The second seasons holds promising results for a strong story line, steady action, and just enough dramatical effect to make this season a smash hit.

We can see that one of the main villains, Davos, has returned with new attributes such as a glowing fist similar to Danny Rand, the Iron Fist. A point that turned off many viewers was that they lacked a villian with superhuman abilities in the first season. Hopefully the second season of Iron Fist will not get smashed as hard as the last, but with this incredible trailer, I wouldn’t expect it.