Buzzfeed article recognizes seniors

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Buzzfeed article recognizes seniors


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Seniors Emily Botnen and Alexandra Kramer were recently featured in a Buzzfeed article regarding senior quotes.

Though it was Botnen’s tweet that went viral — receiving 87 retweets and 289 likes — Kramer is officially credited in the article. According to Kramer, she was not expecting all of the recognition and popularity her quote received.

“I was really shocked. All my friends started texting me, and then it went on Buzzfeed, too,” Kramer said. “It’s crazy. I was really surprised.”

Though humorous, Kramer’s purpose wasn’t solely to be funny. Her personal experience with dress code at Roseville affected her decision in putting the quote in the yearbook.

“I have been affected by the dress code by wearing shirts that are off the shoulder,” Kramer said. “I thought it was pretty ironic that [in] our senior portraits, our shirts are off the shoulder, and we can’t even wear that to school.”

Botnen tweeted the quote not only because of its relevance to the ongoing conversation regarding dress code at Roseville High School, but also because of  the global conversation regarding women in professional and educational environments.

“In this day and age, in the year 2018, a lot has been happening with the Me Too movement, and all sorts of things [with] women being empowered,” Botnen said. “I think that her quote was, pardon my French, really badass.”

According to Botnen, her participation in the spread of the tweet was minimal, though she agreed Kramer’s quote reaching a broader audience has the potential to spread awareness about a serious issue in a humorous manner.

“I think that Alex gets all the recognition… she thought of the senior quote, she put it in there, I don’t think any of it goes to me,” Botnen said.  “I’m just really happy more people are…thinking about how ridiculous the dress codes are and can be.”

The full Buzzfeed article can be found here.