Students’ walk fundraises for national charity


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Last Friday, three Roseville High School English 10 classes participated in a water walk to raise money for children in Liberia.

Instead of spending the morning in their classrooms, students and teachers opted to walk around the RHS track for a mile, each carrying a bucket of water to represent the miles children in Africa must walk every day for clean water.

English teacher KC Worden partnered students with the organization Children of Compassion and created a lesson plan for the classes to promote the idea of global citizenship.

Senior Haley Zarour is pleased with this year’s student turnout and anticipates more people will participate in upcoming school

“I think it is already really cool with a small portion of students but if it was a bigger thing like if our whole school was involved then it would really make an impact, and because Ms. Worden is so passionate about it I feel like one day it will be the whole school,” Zarour said.

Senior Yvan Uwobahorana appreciates the chance to be a part of the event.

“I’m very glad to be able to have this opportunity because I normally would never have done this,” Uwobahorana said. “It’s like a whole new experience that I wouldn’t get in any typical class, it’s just been very awesome.”

Uwobahorana hopes to see the water walk become an annual event at RHS and believes participating helps students expand their perspectives.

“I do think Roseville High School should continue doing this and having this experience because it makes more kids open to be agents of change,” Uwobahorana said. “It helps kids get out of their own personal world and personal struggles and see what it’s like for someone else who has less opportunity and is less advantaged.”

Although the water walk was the culminating event of this project, the students will continue to fundraise through their personal web pages for Children of Compassion.