HS sports experience is unlike any other



As graduation approaches, I begin to think about all the times I experiences the past four years here at RHS. For me, a lot of those times pertain to one sport: football.

So, as an upperclassmen – especially to all you juniors going into your senior year – I highly recommend to cherish every moment you have in your sport. Even if you are planning on playing at the collegiate level, it is different: you will no longer be playing with the friends and people with which you grew up and known since childhood.

When that ends, it is sad knowing you aren’t going to be playing the sport you love anymore. For some, the sport they play determines the majority of their best friends because they spend so much time with them practicing everyday, having athletic PE, and building team chemistry at get-togethers like team dinners.

Athletes go from spending so much time with the teammates that they’ve grown to bond with for four years; and just like that when the clock hits zero, or they get that final out, all they have worked for for four years is all over.

After a month or so goes by, you see the class below you working for the season to come. I think and reminisce about all the memories I created with them. Even sometimes when you dread going out and practicing in 100 degree weather on burning turf, I would do it all over again even if the season may not be successful. I would do it just to go through that experience of creating a bond and putting the pads and helmet on under the lights one more time.

But after the season ends, it’s over. It’s not the same. You still see them around school, but it’s different: you no longer spend majority of your day together and over time you slowly grow distant.

All I’m saying to the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is that you all should not let those memories pass through, and don’t take anything for granted. Work as hard as you can, and don’t stop until it’s over because that feeling of putting on the uniform and the feeling you get, that feeling doesn’t come often.

When you get to your senior season you think about what is next to come in the future, and what the future holds. But you have plenty of time to process the future and little time left for the sport you fell in love with. So take advantage of it.