Avengers: Infinity War full of ambition




As one of the most hyped movies of the past two years, Avengers: Infinity War is going to have to hold up against said hype.

The multitude of trailers dropped thus far has painted a pretty good story and a couple of quotes from the writers saying that the characters that die during the movie “won’t ever return again.”

Iron Man, the first big MCU movie came out ten years ago and I remember seeing that movie and being in love with the movie.

I remember going home from that movie and spending all that night and the next morning trying, unsuccessfully, to make an Iron Man suit.

Now, the culmination of of 10 years of Marvel movies is happening and it gets me hype. Everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Doctor Strange, to even Spiderman is all coming to a head.

After the masterpiece that was Black Panther, I am really excited to see anything that the MCU will come up with. Nearly all of the movies have been incredible, with Iron Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 serving as minor misses.

As one of the most hyped movies in awhile, my only fear is that it won’t hold up to the intense scrutiny that it most definitely will receive. While I have no doubt that the movie will be good, I am sure that there will be naysayers that will try to make the movie sound bad.

One problem I do see with the movie could be that the immense crossover of 10 years of films might be a little too ambitious. Even though it is assumed that you should see all of the movies before Infinity War, I feel like it could be too reliant on past movies.

I feel like the cast may also be a little too ambitious. While I don’t expect a lot of character development, a lack of character development is always a bad thing.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Captain America: Civil War, actually I didn’t like the movie at all. The total lack of action in the movie was really a turnoff for me and I just really hope there is a lot of action in Infinity War. Since there won’t be much character development, I hope they fill that gap with a bunch of action.

Despite all of the problems that I think could happen, I feel like most of them are very unlikely. Marvel movies have always been high quality. Even other movies that have had a possibility of being plagued by issues, went extremely smooth.

I really hope that Black Panther gets a lot more screen time, and after the extremely good showing that the movie had, I expect that he will be a really influential character.

One concern that I have is that Thanos won’t have as much power as he does in the comics. Just by how goofy he looks, it just doesn’t look like he would be strong. In the comics, he is a galactic overlord that can just blow up planets whenever he wants and wears golden armour. By the trailer he just looks like some chubby purple dude that can barely punch Captain America.

I understand that the MCU has no obligation to stick to the comics, but just by how cool they are, it just seems like they really should in the case of this movie. Infinity War was so influential in the comics, and I feel like if they play it out the same way, that would be great.

The new movie, Captain Marvel, will be releasing in 2019, and it would be awesome if there was a couple of shots with her in Infinity War. Captain Marvel is one of my favorite characters in the

Marvel Universe from her appearances in the cartoons, and it would be just awesome to see her in the movie.

Infinity War is shaping out to be one of the best Marvel movies in awhile. Despite my small gripes, it will most likely be incredible because it is a Marvel movie.