Senior’s STEM talents secure acceptance

Richardson commits to Cal Tech U


(COURTESY/SYDNEY RICHARDSON) Throughout the course of her high school career, senior Sydney Richardson has dedicated work in various STEM programs and competitions.


Senior Sydney Richardson has a head for engineering, as her recent acceptances into the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two top STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) schools, prove.

Richardson’s interest in the STEM program and these prestigious schools began when she started taking advanced math courses in middle school.

“In sixth grade I was moved into the advanced math class after my teacher noticed I was blowing through the material,” Richardson stated.

According to Richardson, her interest in math and science courses in middle school inspired her to take more advanced courses covering these two subjects.

“Taking all of these advanced courses throughout high school has taken me to where I am today,” Richardson said. “I have taken as many AP science and math courses as I can.”

Richardson has also participated in multiple clubs and competitions, available both in and outside of RHS, which have only reinforced her love of STEM.

Richardson found that school clubs, such as Robotics Club and the Math Team, as well as more competitive events like Codewars and 3D Design competitions, allowed her an opportunity to showcase her STEM skills outside of her usual learning environment.

Fellow Math Team member Jackson Mann reaffirms that Richardson is a devoted team member and a hard worker.

“Sydney is one of the team’s most loyal and involved members,” Mann said. “She is the treasurer of our team and has made many significant contributions.”


Another Math Team member, Dylan Kay, is supportive of Richardson’s success.

“The work ethic that is clearly visible from Sydney shows why she got accepted to one of the top school,” Kay said.

Richardson’s decision to send off applications to certain schools was based largely off of her interest in STEM.

“I chose to apply to CalTech and MIT because they are some of the most renowned STEM schools in the world, and that’s where I’ll receive the best education possible,” Richardson said.

Her acceptance into her dream school, CalTech, was an especially joyful moment for Richardson.

“I was very excited about getting accepted into CalTech. I found out about an hour before they released it that they were releasing admission statements,” Richardson said. “I was at a swim meet, and as soon as my race was over, I checked my phone, opened the letter, saw confetti and congratulations, and I started crying.”

Fellow senior Emma Smith, a friend of Richardson’s, said that she was very happy that her friend for her friend’s acceptance and success.

“I’m very proud of her,” Smith said. “She worked very hard to get there, taking many hard classes to achieve what she did. She has stated for a while that she wants to go to CalTech, so I think it’s awesome that she got accepted.”

Richardson was excited when she heard she had been accepted into MIT.

“I was at a stoplight. I checked my phone and, again, saw the congratulations and confetti on my screen,” Richardson said. “I pulled over, called my family, and I told them the news. I was so happy.”

Richardson says she is 90 percent sure that she will choose CalTech. Smith believes Richardson will fit in well at her school and continue to do phenomenal work in her collegiate academics.

“She has always challenged herself in high school

and always pushed herself to do better even in classes that she was ahead in,” Smith said. “I think at CalTech she will bring forth that same work ethic.”