East coast rap group Flat Bush Zombies captures lighting in a bottle




April 7th was a good day for beast coast fans as rap group Flatbush Zombies released their third album titled “Vacation in Hell.” As a long time listener of the group and big time supporter, I can say that the 19-track album hits and brings an original spin on their overall “Live ya life” vibe that old fans will appreciate and new fans will love.

With multiple features and friends producing beats, the tape is very homey and reminds me of a big East Coast music party. The whole beast coast crew (specifically A$AP Mob, Pro Era and FBZ) has a tight knit relationship and the fact that Flatbush decided to release their album on 4/7 to honor and memorialize Capital Steez, a member from Pro Era who took his life years ago, further shows that. They don’t forget their family, even if they’re not physically here.

One of my personal favorite tracks is “YouAreMySunshine” due to not only the adorable name that I honestly might get tattooed, but the relaxing, twinkling beat makes me so happy: like I’m just in the stars and Meech is serenading me from a crescent moon and the stars are twinkling along with the beat.

Ending the album with “The Glory” ft. Denzel Curry is a beautiful way to transition into the summer mindset, the beat is upbeat and snappy with a piano riff in the beginning which will undoubtedly put you in a good mood. The subtle “woooo” in the background that prevails in the second half of the song adds a swaying feeling, just imagining listening to this song with the windows down on my way to the beach swaying back and forth… It’s a magic feeling.

Also I’d very much like to talk about the audio masterpiece that is Erick Arc Elliot AKA Erick the Architect. Listen to “Leather Symphony” and tell me a true architect didn’t make that beat! I dare you. He makes sounds that people think had to have come from somewhere else “because it’s so good” when in reality, FBZ just has one of the best producers out there and their sound is flourishing because of it.

I love Flatbush Zombies near and dear to my heart, as they were the ones who made me feel something from this type of music and realize it’s all deeper than what it seems. After their third album, I think it’s fair to say that FBZ is skilled in reinventing themselves and showing all of their true colors, one at a time, to keep us all entertained for as long as possible. They are so talented and deserve everything.