FBLA to travel to Ontario for competition


Today, the Future Business Leaders of America club left for their state conference in Ontario, CA. The club will compete in various events pertaining to business and other professions.

In order to cover fees for the conference, RHS principal David Byrd allocated about 3,000 dollars to the club from Title One funds, which are granted by the federal government.

“We’ll get some extra Title One money and we’ll [say] we can do some things with this,” Byrd said. “With respect to FBLA…we got all of these kids who qualified but it’s expensive.”

After examining the FBLA student roster, Byrd and FBLA advisor Kelly Capell determined the club had students who qualified to earn Title One funds.

Sophomore FBLA member Fin McAnlis is eager to attend the conference.

“I think it’s going to go really well.” McAnlis said. “We’ve been preparing for a long time so I feel like we’re definitely going to go in there and kick some butt.”