Juniors to take CAASPP test this week


This year, RHS will follow a new schedule during CAASPP testing. This week will be split into A and B days for juniors, as other grade levels will follow a regular day schedule. All students will have first lunch.

According to testing coordinator Denise Weis, the new schedule aims to reduce class interruptions.

“We’re trying to make it the least disruptive for teachers as possible,” Weis said. “We can’t avoid all of it but we’re trying to minimize it as much as we can for teachers.”

There will be no delayed start time for the school day as seen in prior years. Consequently, there is no allotted time for students to participate in the Senior Olympics, in which seniors gather in various groups and compete in several rally games.

According to senior Danny Garcia, seniors should have the opportunity to compete in the games.

“I think we should still be able to do [Senior Olympics],” Garcia said. “It’s kind of like a tradition and that’s what our school is, tradition.”

In addition to the absence of Senior Olympics, the class of 2018 will be required to partake in a field test put on by CAASPP administrators. High schools throughout California will administer the exam to various grade levels in order to determine which classes will ultimately take the test.

“[Taking the exam] is a little ridiculous because most of the seniors have committed to colleges and further testing is not needed and irrelevant,” senior Sydney Richardson said.

Despite disapproval from several students, the new schedule may appeal to faculty members disrupted by CAASPP testing.

“Testing is a huge disruption for the teachers and with the new schedule we hope to minimize the problems it causes and make this process efficient as ever,” Weis said.