Artists of Roseville

These three seniors are just some of the many artists at RHS who take and explore their talents off campus.




Senior Jacob Watson has been involved in art for the majority of his high school career. Most recently, he decided to start a business selling his art. Focusing more on abstract, he creates art for and charges $10 each. He also sells his realistic pencil drawings for $30.

The inspiration for his business originates from his friends pushing him into being more involved in selling his talent. Watson is currently doing a sale of six prints for $25.

“I was inspired by my friends’ encouragement to do something with my art and decided that I wanted to make accesible to people,” Watson said.


Senior Emily Botnen has been embarking on one of her last performances of her high school career alongside her boyfriend Will Dowden.


Botnen is thrilled to be able to perform while simultaneously spending time with loved ones, especially her boyfriend, and doing what they both have a passion for.

“It’s another opportunity for us to get to spend time together and the fact that I’m dating someone who has so much passion for the same thing as me is really, really fun,” Botnen said. “And to work hard on something we both love so much together is really awesome.”


Senior Zach Cook and his four bandmates have recently sought to expand their audience and increase their musical


opportunities for their band, the Roland Tonies. Despite only being a band for six months, it is no surprise that their hard work and effort is paying off.

Three weeks ago, they experienced playing at the Silver Orange, an entertainment center in Sacramento, and are set to perform at Club Car, a live venue in Auburn these upcoming weeks.

“We are very passionate about music as well as dedicated to this band,” Cook said. “I hope to continue to let our supporters know about anything else we may do.”