HUMANS OF RHS: Jeremiah Barnes



Sophomore Jeremiah Barnes has something of a talent for music. As a child, he played both the piano and the drums. Now, his most recent instrument of choice has become his guitar. Barnes is currently teaching himself to play through videos and various tutorials. He has big dreams to start a band and produce music with several of his friends.
Trinity Plummer spends her days working at her job and stressing out about school. Luckily, to help the stress, Plummer enrolled in the drama class this year for the first time and found sanctuary. The class changed Plummer’s perspective about the school and the students she sees everyday. The program creates a personal bond between students, giving a comfortable setting for the students to practice their work. This spiked Plummer’s interest and she now aspires to be in an RHS Drama Production.

— Nicole Khudyakov


“I always wanted to be in a band, I thought it’d be really cool. I want to make my own covers and music. I have a few people in mind that can help me. I just thought it’d be a fun activity to do in my spare time.  [But] I want to get a little better at guitar first before I do anything. I have an acoustic and a mini electric guitar, It’s actually really cool. The acoustic was my dad’s and he gave it to me, and the electric I got for my birthday. I’m going to look into Beginning Guitar next year.”