“Mary Poppins Returns” brings back childhood nostalgia in trailer



The timeless English story of Mary Poppins is coming back in the new Walt Disney Production Mary Poppins Returns in winter 2018. For many, this will be a great chance to relish in childhood nostalgia and share the classic tale with younger generations.

The trailer itself didn’t offer much besides ensuring that Mary Poppins still arrives from the sky, flying down elegantly with her umbrella catching the wind. The children from the original film are now grown and enter a journey with Poppins to change their rather negative outlook on life.

For the cast line up, Dyck Van Dyke is back but playing a different role than before, now playing the son of his previous character. It’ll be interesting to see how, now that such time has passed, Van Dyke will adapt to a younger role in the sequel.

Meryl Streep is also a star in the film which will undoubtedly bring more character to the film as a whole, regardless of if she’s just a supporting actress. I mean, who doesn’t love an icon? In an iconic movie? Absolutely.

Mary Poppins Returns seems to be like the childhood movie sequel many have been waiting for. Giving respect to the original film and avoiding simply remaking it with newer faces, it’s fair to say I’m extremely excited and am looking forward to catching this movie with my family this upcoming winter.