Peer helping puts on “Be the Change” assembly


Students attended the “Be the Change” Peer Helping assembly today in place of their P.E. or Health and Safety class. According to senior Peer Helper Daneh Martinez, the assembly aimed to inspire students to take action by seeking help when needed and assist those around them.

“We’re trying to influence our students here at RHS to empower and be positive and spread love and just be that change in someone’s life,” Martinez said.

Freshman Newts Henkel believes the assembly achieved it’s designated purpose.

“I thought the assembly was fantastic,” Henkel said. “They did a really great job, their stories were inspiring.”

Henkel appreciates the presence of Peer Helping at RHS for providing students support and encouragement.

“I am honestly so grateful that we have the Peer Helping program,” Henkel said. “This is something that is truly important to me as a person.”