“Fortnite” takes world by storm


As most people know “Fortnite” has taken the world by storm, no pun intended. With millions of players most people have at least heard of the game or played it considering the game is free.
“Fortnite” has evolved past a game and has turned into what some call a brotherhood and a lifestyle for others, “Fortnite” has turned into a global culture and people all across the globe have been playing the sensational game.

At the base level “Fortnite” follows the mold of other battle royale games, but it brings some sort of charm that other similar games just don’t have. The game brings a sort of homey feeling to the generally rigid genre. Other battle royale games, like “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” just seem rigid and don’t bring as much fun to the table as “Fortnite.”

The game does have a mildly repetitive start as 100 players jump from a flying bus onto and expansive map, but the game somehow finds a huge replay value. That could come from how every game is different and unique, or how everyone who plays is constantly striving to get that ‘W.’

The gameplay, while it may follow the track of others, stands apart from others.

It strays away from that ‘tryhard’ feeling that so many games have just by making the graphics and effects seem childish. It looks like a 8 year old boy came up with the concept but had a team of master animators to create it, and I really love that.

The developers of “Fortnite” should get so much credit for what they have done to the game. They handeled the fame very well and didn’t load the game with microtransactions.

While the graphics are not up to some of the standards that other games have, it just adds to the fun, cartoonish theme that the game has. That theme helps to avoid the toxic player base that “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Fortnite’s” main competitor, has.

The game has this family culture to it. It’s hard to describe but it just feels like everyone plays the game and everyone is connected to it and by it.

Social media is filled with videos of people grouped together in one room all rejoicing over Fortnite and screaming when they win the game. People have been spreading this game like wildfire and it definitely shows in the player base and the broad amount of media surrounding it

“Fortnite” has definitely become a worldwide culture and so many people have been influenced by the game, almost everyone I have talked to has talked about the game at least once just going to show how much this game has influenced people all across the globe.