Top five winter sports athletes


Number one: Austin Wehner

Coming in at number one for the top five winter athletes of the 2017-18 season is junior Austin Wehner. Due to his strong season, the team ended in third in league and had a Division II playoff appearance, before falling to Central Valley in penalty kicks.

As well as being a captain of the team, Wehner leads the team in both goals and assists. After committing to San Diego State

University to play Division I soccer, Wehner had nine assists and scored 19 goals in league, landing him in second for the most goals scored out of all players in the CVC.

Teammate Senior Ryan Kwong believes Wehner is a strong asset to the team and will continue to help lead the team not only this year, but next year as well as a senior.

“Austin’s a really strong player and scores most of our goals,” Kwong said. “He’s a leader on and off the field and his dominating abilities help the team a lot.”

Kwong also believes that Wehner will continue to grow as a player.

“I think his best soccer is ahead of him,” Kwong said. “He is already super good obviously, but I think he can get a lot better.”

Number two: Mackenzie Gill

Arriving at number two on the top five winter athletes is junior forward Mackenzie Gill, who led the girls varsity soccer team in goals this season, allowing them to make another playoff run and keep hopes alive with a back-to-back section championship.

Gill’s twin sister and fellowforward Kelsey Gill is proud of her sister’s season that has exceeded her expectations following last year’s success.

“Last season was extremely impressive, where she led our team in goals scored as a sophomore,” Gill said. “This year, coming in with huge expectations, she came out even more explosive and productive. Mackenzie continues to develop her game and I have no doubts that she will find success in her post high school soccer career, no matter where she ends up going.”

Gill also believes that her sister will be even better next year.

“I mean if you look at her career trajectory she has gotten better and better each year,” Gill said. “I don’t think there is any reason to believe that she won’t be even better next year, and even win CVC most valuable player.”


Number three: Jase Giorgi

Coming in at number three in our top five is varsity basketball player Jase Giorgi. From game-winning threes-pointers to fastbreak dunks, Giorgi can do it all on the court.

The Tigers clinched the Division II CIF playoffs, and would not have been able to do it without the sharpshooter. On the season, Giorgi has averaged 19.8 points per game in league play. Senior Blake Beaman believes that Giorgi is a leader on and off the court for the Tigers.

“Beyond the stats, Jase is a great facilitator and teammate, and has been huge for us this year,” Beaman said.

Beaman also thinks that Girogi’s style of play will motivated future Tigers.

“The way he plays is really energetic, and people like that,” Beaman said. “And if they all play like him I am sure that team will have success.” Beaman said.

Number four: Jake Solso

Coming in at number four, is four-year varsity wrestler Jake Solso.

Solso is both a leader and captain for the team, ending the season with an individual record of 30-11. Solso wrestled in the 160 pound weight class, and has now reached a place in the masters in hopes of qualifying for the state tournament.

Teammate Miles Banks believes Solso’s success comes from his strong work ethic and dedication to improving at wrestling.

“Jake’s always working out to get stronger,” Banks said. “He’s always working to get better and it shows in how successful he is.”

Banks also feels that Solso will find success if he decides to wrestle post high school.

“He has the work ethic to compete at any level no matter what,” Banks said. “Besides that he also has the natural talent.”


Number five: Bailey Bowen-Seay

Closing out our top five athletes of the winter, Bailey Bowen-Seay comes in fifth. Bowen-Seay is a key player for the Tigers on both the offense and defense due to her dominant and strong play that led the team into the Division II section playoffs. Sophomore Isabelle Sanders believes Bowen-Seay is a positive influence on the team, as her work effort carries over to other players.

“Bailey is a key player to our success as a team,” Sanders said. “She’s always pushing herself and the entire team to work harder but still manages to stay positive.”

Despite Bowen-Seay’s exceptional season, the varsity girls basketball team fell to the St. Francis Troubadours last Tuesday.