HUMANS OF RHS: Cerena Carrera




RHS freshman Cerena Carrera doesn’t need a car. She has her scooters, bicycles, and her boards to tide her over.
Though she doesn’t do many tricks, Carrera believes being able to transport yourself from place to place without relying on a car is both an important, independant, and enjoyable experience.

–Nicole Khudyakov

“I ride scooters, skateboards, penny boards, and bicycles. I learned to ride a scooter first, because I had a little princess scooter. When I was little, my dad would take me to skate parks and I would see all these different types of transport.

I would see lots of girls with pennyboards riding around for transportation. I would see kids at the skatepark with skateboards and tricycles and BMX bikes and all that.

And I don’t have a car or anything, I can always just ride a bike and it’s more helpful than you would usually think so learning it will always benefit you in any way.”