Senior’s soccer talent goes beyond uniform

Carpenter wins award for referee talents

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Senior’s soccer talent goes beyond uniform






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After winning Placer Youth Soccer League’s female referee of the year award, senior Courtney Carpenter proved her knack for soccer transcends playing for a team. Beginning her referee journey at the age of 13, this weekend job gave Carpenter a unique outlet to continue participating in soccer games and enjoying them, despite not being a player.

“I took the referee course with my teammates. We all started to do it together thinking it’d be fun and it’s a good way to make money,” Carpenter said. “And then I figured out that I really like refereeing, so I wanted to continue it more.”

The power of being a positive influence on today’s youth initially drew the prospect of being a referee to Carpenter.

“I enjoy refereeing because, since I no longer play soccer, I’m still able to influence the new players into the game and teach them the right way to play the game,” Carpenter said.


Being a referee himself, Carpenter’s father, George Carpenter, encouraged Courtney and her fellow teammates to become referees.

“When she was 13 years old, she knew she could take a class and become a referee,” George said. “And so, I encouraged her to do that, and I encouraged other girls on her soccer team to do it.”

The father and daughter duo are able to spend quality time as referees on weekends, while simultaneously bonding over their mutual love for soccer.

“It allows us to spend time together,” Courtney said. “Which is the most important thing. But, it also allows us to do something that we both enjoying doing.”
George values that refereeing with his daughter serves as a way of strengthening their family’s bond.

“We get to talk about it, we get to share stories, and we get to talk about the referee activities we did and how we saw things differently,” George said. “We both get to learn from each other, too.”

Courtney was ecstatic to receive the award, especially in the presence of many role models in the soccer world.

“It was really really cool because there were so many influential soccer players there and people who are really important in the whole soccer association,” Courtney said. “There were people from the U.S. soccer association there and so it was really interesting to see how many different people influence the game.”

A long time friend of Courtney’s, senior Emma Smith, acknowledged the diligence and effort it takes to receive the award.

“I think it has shown to her that she was really good at what she did,” said Smith. “She put a lot of effort into being a good referee and it’s paid off and people recognize it.”
Courtney’s father was impressed by his daughter’s willingness to sacrifice her weekends to take part in refereeing.

“I was very proud of her because being a referee is a tough job,” George said. “Being a good referee is even harder because to win the award, she had to spend a lot of time on the soccer field as a center referee where coaches and parents tend to yell at referees a lot.”

Smith was glad Courtney’s was awarded for her diligence.

“She put a lot of effort into being a good referee and it’s paid off, and people recognize it.” Smith said.

Courtney is grateful to have years of hard work acknowledged through this award.

“It’s really nice to win this award because I have refereed for so long and to get recognition for the hard work I’ve put in and the lots of hours on Saturdays that I’ve put in,” Courtney said. “It’s

really nice to know that I am doing a good job even though it’s a tough job to do.”