LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Experiment in all areas of interest



Going into high school I had no idea that I would take part in the programs that I am in today. I walked onto
campus as a freshman, ignorant that I would serve as an editor, anchor and photographer for Eye of the Tiger. So don’t be afraid to try new things when you register for classes. In middle school I was never much of a writer, nor did I have an interest in media production – just taking the introductory course of journalism out of sheer curiosity changed my entire high school experience for the better.

Not only did taking different classes change my identity as a whole, but stepping out of my comfort circle and doing things I would’ve never thought I was going to do turned into something I could love. Try to learn new things and live new experiences; even if you don’t enjoy the subject of the class or hobby, you can still learn from that and expand your knowledge and abilities. When I took AP Environmental Science, I had no intent on becoming an environmental scientist. But, while I took the class out of fun, I gained valuable skills from the material.

Experimenting with new paths is not limited to the school campus, but comes in pastimes outside of it as well. I was never much of a taco kind of guy before I found out about Chando’s tacos. The adobada from there changed my life forever.

High school is short, so do everything and try anything. And don’t be the teen that doesn’t go to school dances or sports games because you have “too much homework.” Everyone has homework. As a underclassman, I didn’t go to a lot of school events because I was “busy,” but as a senior in the last term I regret missing the bonfire rallies and home football games.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is what highschool is for. It’s about finding your identity and realizing what you want to be and what you love before you go out into the real world. Making mistakes is okay – no one will remember when you switched out your AP class six different times.

With new programs being introduced to Roseville High every year, try them and enjoy them. You only go through high school once. Make the most of it and live it to the fullest. Being in high school can be super exciting or super boring, and stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things can be the difference between loving or regretting high school 20 years from now.