College Application Essay: The Berry Lot

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College Application Essay: The Berry Lot


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Dear college,

Over the course of my academic career, I demonstrated and developed skills like hard work, determination, and creativity. Courses like English, mathematics, and various history classes pushed me to success.

However the catalyst of many traits that make me a good fit for college comes from an unusual source: the Berry Street parking lot.

Parking in the notorious Berry Street lot has caused many of my characteristics to emerge, some that I didn’t even know I had.

The lack of reserved parking lots for seniors reminds me to check my rear view mirrors for competition. No opportunities are ever guaranteed. I must rival against those younger and older than me. Success does not see age. I must work every day like I’m the new driver with their brand new car.

Between the street parking, senior lot, and dirt lot, the Berry Street parking lot is clearly the most popular. There is never room for everybody. This has taught me to fight for my opportunities, and to do as much as I can to ensure myself a spot. Being on time and driving efficiently is key.

Often times people are forced to cut corners and take risks. It seems that at least five vehicles a day are parked illegally, and it is a gamble to park in such a way. I vow to never take such a gamble in my career.

In many fields, such as business, you must put your probability of success over relationships in your life. As I leave the Berry lot to get home each day, I know to get home as quickly as possible I must cut off even my best of friends. I learned I have to prioritize my prosperity over my friends. I have to do whatever it takes to succeed.

See you in the fall,

Nate Nguyen