Boys soccer season comes to an end




    Last night the boys soccer team fell to the Central Valley Hawks in the tenth round of penalty kick after going into double overtime and tieing regular gameplay 1-1. Early in the second half, the hawks finished a shot, yet sophomore Austin Wehner responded to the deficit by scoring off of a free kick late in the second half. Senior Ryan Kwong is disappointed with the loss, especially with the high expectations he had going into playoffs.

    “It was really devastating to lose after so many rounds of penalty kicks and how far we’ve come this season,” Kwong said. “We worked so hard in league so I went in with high expectations and unfortunately we couldn’t meet those expectations.”

    Kwong went on to say that he’s incredibly proud of the team’s success, he looks forward to seeing the team in the future.

    “Even though we lost and I’m graduating this year, we have really strong underclassmen and I’m really excited to see how far they go in the future,” Kwong said. “Hopefully next year they can build on how we did this year and do even better.”