Too Many Exit Surveys


Due to Zoom classes, students have a daily exit survey for all of their classes.  It has been a reasonable requirement when cameras and mics are off all class period over Zoom, so teachers can make sure that their students aren’t sleeping in class and have actually been engaged.  However, they seem a little unnecessary for the students that show up to school every day.  Teachers are supposed to mark their students absent if they don’t fill out the survey, even if they saw them in their class.  

A student can go to class in-person every day for two weeks, but if they don’t fill out their surveys those days, they would still be on student conduct.  That is unfair to the students who do show up but still get marked absent.  It wasn’t necessary last year when people were in person, so it does not make sense to  require it this year for those who show up in person.  

Also, students who have an off period now have to do a daily engagement survey before leaving school.  As someone who has an off period, this survey doesn’t seem necessary at all.  If a student does not fill out the survey before 2:35 pm, they will get marked absent for the off period.  Clearly we aren’t there, it is an off period for a reason.  This has never been a requirement before, and I’m unsure why it is one now.  

The purpose of these surveys are to make sure students are engaged in their classes, so it is reasonable to ask students who are Zooming from home to fill out the exit surveys for their classes.  However, it is unnecessary to ask the students who come into class to do the same. The survey’s purpose is to make sure students are engaged, but if they are in class, the teacher can see and judge whether or not they are engaged and mark the students accordingly.