There Should Be More School Spirit


We’re coming up to the one year mark since schools shut down due to Covid. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen how everyone has changed and adapted to these new and strenuous conditions. Despite the year having been one of quarantining and physical isolation, there have not been many activities planned to raise school spirit. 

Admittedly, there were SOME fellowship activities planned last school year, including two parades and some sports games, however, I have not noticed much effort going into these types of activities since then. Although this year has been difficult for everyone, these types of activities mean so much more to graduating seniors. This is their last year! Despite the fact that this year will be memorable for all the wrong reasons, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an effort to make it special for them. 

The class of 2021 deserves more recognition for their hard work and achievements.

Whatsmore, this isn’t JUST about the seniors. This is about the freshman too. They’re coming into a high school experience that is the complete opposite of normal. At least previous classes got to experience performing labs, participating in school plays, playing sports, and attending other classes of interest. 

Additionally, many freshmen likely don’t understand how fun high school can be sometimes, especially with school-spirit activities. Although there is no blaming anyone for the pandemic, there should be a bit more effort shown in trying to plan more sessions that help uplift students. 

Experiencing this pandemic and seeing how hard teachers, faculty, and medical professionals work to keep everyone as safe as possible is certainly commendable. So then, why not celebrate their hard work? For example, school staff or students could organize an essential worker appreciation day via Zoom. Or one week per month could be dedicated to having everyone dress up as their pandemic hero. In my opinion, showing school spirit doesn’t necessarily mean planning a giant parade, but I believe there are some fun, easy ways the school can encourage a more cheerful environment. 

Some benefits to planning school spirit day(s) are: spreading positive awareness and school spirit, improving mental health, uplifting others when the weeks feel like they drag on, and it includes both in-school students and RSVLA students. 

For me, even the simplest of activities, such as virtual circles make me feel included with the rest of the class, even though I’m not physically in class. The virtual circles have also helped me open up about mental health issues when I otherwise wouldn’t have. 

There’s no second thoughts to it; more safe school spirit events would vastly improve this school year!