New Marvel Super Shows!


Marvel movies, they have been a stamp on the movie industry for 10+ years, all of their movies come out and receive huge box office numbers. Sadly, the generation has come to an end as Marvel released the last of Avengers with Endgame over a year ago. Now, Marvel plans to introduce Phase 4, and not only are they including movies, but they are including tv shows as well.

With the new addition of Disney+, Marvel has found themselves a great platform to put more content on. Marvel plans to release 6 new shows starting in December of 2020 and ending in 2022, but these shows just have release dates set. Marvel’s list of shows include a lot of characters we have come to love in the Marvel movies so far.

This list of shows coming out from earliest release to latest goes WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, What if…?, Hawkeye, and Ms.Marvel. These are all set to release between 2020 and 2022. Although we don’t know much about these shows, we can definitely make some presumptions on what they will entail.

For WandaVision, the trailer has already been released and it made me even more confused on what it’s going to be about. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel studios, has stated that the show might take place inside of Wanda’s mind, since Vision died in Endgame, this could just be Wanda’s imagination of what their life could be like. Other speculation is that they are in an alternate universe, in which Vision is still alive. 

Feige has also said that this show will be a direct sequel to the new movie “Doctor Strange: In to the Multiverse of Madness”

The next show “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is going to be very interesting. It takes place after Endgame, and will follow Falcon, who is now in possession of Captain America’s shield, and Bucky Barnes, who is the Winter soldier. This show will probably involve new agents of shield as well as new super-villians from the comics like “Super-Patriot,” or bring back old ones like Helmut Zemo from Civil War.

As for the show Loki, it will mostly be following Loki himself traveling through space with the tesseract. If you remember in Endgame, when the avengers travel back in time Loki grabs the tesseract and jumps into a space portal. The show will mostly follow around him going through space and fooling around and making mischief, like the God of Mischief always does.

What If…?, this show sounds amazing and was a very good idea by Marvel. This show will basically be a bunch of alternate universes where things are completely different.  It will be the first ever animated Marvel show and will include some pretty interesting things like what if Peggy Carter had taken the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, or what if Loki had Wielded Mjolnir and so on. 

All in all this show will be a lot of fun and enjoyable to watch.

As for Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, all we know so far is the release dates for them and not much else. We can speculate that Hawkeye will mostly be following Clint Barton, who may be protecting his family or maybe we’ll see how he became an assassin like we saw in Endgame. And for Ms.marvel, all we know is that she might be introduced in the New Captain Marvel movie that is coming out so information on this show is limited.

Marvel does have more shows coming after these like Moon-Knight and She-Hulk, but these are in the very early stage of production. Overall, The new Marvel shows that are coming out should be super.