New Girls Varsity Basketball Coach



This upcoming season, the Roseville High School girls basketball team will be going into the season with a new coach. Last season the team went 14-12 overall and 8-4 in the league where they placed 3rd in their league with their previous varsity coach Alan Darte who also led them to playoffs but lost in the first round to Elk grove 49-44.

Filling in Alan Dartes position coach Ronal Earp is now the new Varsity girls basketball coach bringing a lot of coaching experience with him. Earp has coached at the Varsity level for boys and girls and has coached at the junior college level as an assistant coach for Delta College and Lassen junior college. Earp hopes to help improve the school’s basketball program with the years of coaching experience he has.

With this next season coming up Earp is looking forward to the season and ready for the transition.

“I’m really excited, new start new beginning and getting the girls ready to go,” Earp said

With Covid restrictions going on Earp hasn’t met much of the girls on the team and hopes that won’t affect their chemistry.

“This will be tough because I have only met one of the girls on the basketball team and I have only gotten to see a lot of video of their games from the previous season because I haven’t seen them on the court yet but the girls I have spoken to are really excited to be back in the gym,” Earp said.

With all the Covid restrictions Earp still has high expectations for the team to do their best and just come out and be ready to play.

“I expect them to play hard and give it 110% always when they step on the basketball court and play hard,” Earp said.

With Earp coaching this team for the first time he still has high goals for his team.

“ For the team, I want to try to do better than we did last season, Beat our rivals in the league and try to get to the playoffs and if we do that at least make it to the 2nd round and try to go as far as we can go”, Earp said.

Earp plans on bringing his experience with many years of coaching basketball to coach at Roseville high school and help further improve and grow this program.

“I hope to bring my experience to help this program improve and do better than we did last season and learn from our mistakes”, Earp said.

Varsity player, Lolana Madrid hopes the new coach will help the team stay focused during the season.

“I hope the coach will help keep us on track and keep us focused on basketball and not other outside things which is what we all struggled with last year,” Madrid said.

With Covid restrictions Madrid hasn’t talked to him much but thinks Earp will be a great addition to the program with a new set of eyes and a new plan for the team.

“I haven’t met him or trained with him before but so far from what I’ve heard from his background and when I’ve talked to him he seems like he would be a great addition to the basketball program,” Madrid said.