Give Us a Break



Evan Oukrop

High schools should extend summer break. Over the years, high schools have seen summers shrunk week by week. Summer break has shaved off at least two weeks in the last decade or two. Students and teachers are losing out with the shortened summers.

Students use summer as a time to get a part-time job. Part-time jobs help build team collaboration skills as well as a good work ethic and money management skills. Giving more time to do this in the summer would allow students to gain those experiences. For some students, a summer job may even lead to getting a full-time job if they can’t go to college. 

Speaking of college, an extended summer would allow the time for students to go visit the colleges that they might want to attend. With the university application process being especially competitive in recent years, most students have to apply to multiple colleges for a better chance at acceptance.  Pamphlets and websites can only provide so much information on what the experience may be like at each individual college. Giving students the extra time to visit multiple college campuses would be very beneficial to them making the wisest decision possible in their choice of school.

Students who need or want to attend summer school will also benefit from an extended summer break. They  can make up whatever bit of schooling they need to and still have enough of vacation time left for themselves to relax and enjoy before starting school again in the fall.  A longer summer also gives the students who have a lot to make up more time to make sure that they get all the credits they need.

Of course, the prominent activity of summer is relaxation and being free from the stress of homework. An extended break means more opportunities for students to spend quality time with family and friends. While this may seem relatively simple at first glance, that quality time holds great significance to all parties involved.  For parents that have kids going away to college, that last summer break is the final time that they get to really spend time together as a family. 

As for us students, high school marks the last few years that we get to be kids. We will have the whole latter half of our lives to be a part of the workforce and make money. Having an abundance of fun times to look back on lets us be at peace with the fact that we didn’t waste the time of our youth. 

Teachers would benefit from an extended summer vacation as well. The extra time would give teachers a chance to take continuing education classes to better their own teaching styles and give them ideas for future lessons. The in-service days that teachers have every Monday would also be moved to summer. Instructional time wouldn’t be sacrificed, and teachers would have more to talk about when it comes to their department and what they could do to improve their specific subject matters. Not only that, an extended summer would allow teachers to spend more time with their own families.

All in all, it’s a win win situation for everyone. Students, parents , and teachers all have their perks. Students have the freedom to experience other activities and benefit from the relief of the daily school grind, so they don’t become  burned out from studying.  Parents gain extra free time with their kids, and teachers receive a break and some extra time for personal and professional growth.  So why not give it a shot?