Eye of the Tiger

RHODE: Uphold professionalism while working at school

November 9, 2015

BY HUNTER RHODE [email protected] Everyone sees high school differently, but despite the different views on how you ultimately want your high school experience to be, everyone is working toward the same goal - graduation. When someone tells you that high school flies by, they aren’t wrong. I...

BATEMAN: Playing up to varsity hurts more than it helps

November 9, 2015

BY JAMIE BATEMAN [email protected] Throughout high schools all over the country, student athletes dream about getting pulled up to varsity to play at the highest level with athletes older than them. While getting the opportunity to letter in a varsity sport before the typical junior y...

EYE OF THE TIGERS VIEW: Cultural policies must go deeper

November 9, 2015

Roseville Joint Union High School District’s changing attitude toward bolstering an atmosphere of cultural acceptance is a step in the right direction, but it shouldn’t be the last. In late October, the district launched the first of a series of speakers on “sustaining culture” and “strengthening...

MAILEY: Administration response to fight videos justified

November 9, 2015

BY SAM MAILEY [email protected] It’s so easy to document our lives, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Phone cameras are convenient for capturing spur-of-the-moment events – a baby’s first words, unexpected celebrity sightings, school fights.  For life’s spontaneity, techn...

MULLIGAN: District subs need greater evaluation

November 9, 2015

BY JOHNNY MULLIGAN j.mullig[email protected] Usually when your teacher says there will be a substitute teacher the next day, you get excited because you can expect the next day to be fairly easy – chances are you’ll spend the period watching the movie with the substitute barely looking up from ...

FURDEK: Better communication needed in club photo process

November 9, 2015

BY MADDY FURDEK [email protected] Last Tuesday, the annual day-long club yearbook photo marathon took place in the Patti Baker Theater as hundreds of club members filled in and out throughout the day to get their club picture taken. Cramming all 41 organizations on campus into one day se...

Royalty selection process full of flaws



September 15, 2014

The columnists who contributed to this piece interviewed multiple students, teachers and administrators to conduct their research. Last April, after school on a Friday, the PA system declared Roseville High School’s Junior Prom court. Jaws around the school dropped. Some were surprised, some were outraged, some...