Bringing Politics to the Classroom


Tyler Bradford

There should be a politics elective class. Politics are pretty important to learn about and understand in today’s time. Why is politics important you might ask? Well, it’s the structure of the country, and it is very important that we elect people whom we think would make the country the best it possibly can be. 

Another reason why there should be a politics class is that most schools don’t offer it. There are  only politics clubs, which are good,  but the problem with clubs is that they kind of get kicked under the table in the sense that clubs are not talked about in the same way as an actual class.  If there was a politics class, then  politics could be talked about more often and more in depth between students and their teacher, which would  help students formulate their own opinions and ideas about issues in the country that are important to them. 

A politics  class would be great because it would also help those who want to actually have a career in politics, such as working in local government, becoming a district representative,  a senator, or even a governor as well the president of the United States.  A politics class would give students  knowledge of how to start a political career.  An even more significant reason for the class is that we are the future of tomorrow, and soon we are going to make decisions for the country. 

Additionally, the study of politics connects students to the real world. This class would also provide students with skills for engagement with the people they work with. 

The way I would like to see the class be implemented is as an elective class, such as culinary, drama, athletic physical education, and leadership.  The new politics curriculum  would include three levels. Politics 1 would be the introductory class.  I would want this class to teach types of government in the United States and types of governments in other countries, including economic systems. Famous political figures should be covered in the class,  and there should be a unit on political parties, and not just about the typical two parties. 

 I would like to see more in-depth stuff from Politics 1 than is covered in other government classes.  It should be designed to prepare students  for the higher level politics class. The next level  politics class would be for those who want to have a career in politics. In that class, they would learn how to start and manage a campaign and how exactly a job in politics would work. To sum it up, I think having a politics class would be awesome.