Is Fall Guys On The Rise?



Fall guys: Ultimate Knock-out, or otherwise known as just Fall guys, is the most popular game out right now for PS4 and PC users. Falls guys is a game where you control a player amongst a group of other players and have to avoid the obstacles or complete a task with a team. 

The game starts with 60 people and there are on average about five rounds per game and every round a certain number of people are eliminated. Be the last to survive all five rounds to be the winner. Although Fall guys does look like a cute and cuddle game for kids, it’s anything but that.

When I first downloaded Fall guys I was really excited. It looked pretty fun and I had seen it all over social media. I personally thought it looked easy, but I quickly found out I was very wrong, this game is not a beginners luck type of game. 

My first couple tries were complete failures, only getting past the first round once. But after a good amount of games I started to consistently get through the first and second round.

Although some might think the game takes zero skill, some parts of it do, although it is a good blend of common sense, skill, and luck. For instance, one obstacle course called Slime Climb is a level where you and the other players have to climb to the top of a hill while avoiding obstacles. The catch with this course is that while you are moving up the hill, slime is slowly rising to the top and if you touch it you are eliminated.

The skill of this level is being able to keep moving up the mountain without being disrupted by the other players around you who can grab you and make you fall, as well as maneuvering through the obstacles. The luck would be being placed in the front of the pack to begin the game, because if you can maintain your spot then you won’t have to deal with all the other players and you can just focus on the obstacles. 

Common sense is also intertwined with the obstacles. For example, if a platform is moving, wait for it to get closer to you before you jump.

All in all this game is very fun and enjoyable for everyone. If you like competitiveness like I do, then this game offers plenty of that. If you enjoy just messing around and having fun, then this game is all for it. 

Sadly, this game is only on PS4 and PC as of right now, but they plan on releasing it on XBOX and Nintendo Switch as soon as 2021. It costs $19.99 on both PS4 and PC but it is totally worth the money.