Corpse Flower, Thing 2, Blooms



Last Thursday, Thing 2, RHS’ third Amorphophallus Titanum (Corpse Flower) bloomed for nearly an entire day. The second full bloom the school has experienced in the last 10 years. This came after days of heavy anticipation from the community.

CJ Addington spent numerous hours on-campus setting up the viewing event and especially preparing the corpse flower to ensure it’s bloom this year and is glad to have finally seen another flower bloom.

“I’m really glad that it actually successfully bloomed and opened because obviously the last one failed,” Addington said.

Nearly a thousand people came to see the flower when it bloomed, standing in line to see the corpse flower. Amongst them was RHS Alumni, Luis Elumba, who after being disappointed by the failure of the 2017 corpse flower, Corona.

“In 2017 as you may have known the Corpse Flower failed to bloom, and what brought me here was a notification from Addington’s youtube channel. I’ve been taking pictures mainly as a continuation as when I was taking pictures back then,” Elumba said.

Addington is now speculating the blooming of Corona, the corpse flower that failed to bloom in 2017 sometime within the next two weeks.