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BROADCAST: February 9, 2021

February 9, 2021

In this edition of Eye of the Tiger News looks at the upcoming High School on the Hill as well as PSAT's. A&E looks at the Weeknd's performance at the Superbowl halftime show. Features shows what the...

Freshman Angel Manantan adjusts to her new life in America

LANI PAGE December 2, 2020

Angel Manantan is a Freshman at Roseville High School, but she hasn't always lived here. Originally being from Central Luzon in the Philippines, she has been adjusting to the cultural differences between...

Community ‘adopts’ the class of 2020

MAYA BERMAN May 23, 2020

Due to the health concerns involving COVID-19, seniors this year won’t get to experience many of the traditional celebrations other classes will. But RHS parent Suzie Joseph has created a Facebook page...

Student government is working to spark tiger spirit amidst social distancing with RHS-themed Kahoot games.

Students take on RHS trivia games


To give students some Roseville High spirit at home amidst the COVID-19 socially distancing, activities director Brent Mattix worked with student government to connect the students, staff and community...

Roseville alumnus creates COVID-inspired step challenge

Roseville alumnus creates COVID-inspired step challenge

NATALIE RUSSELL April 30, 2020

Roseville alumnus Jason Russell found a unique way to make the most of COVID-19 pandemic experience by encouraging others to go outside and be active. On his social media, Russell created a challenge and...

Students host Spike Ball tournament, build community

HUNTER HATCH March 4, 2020

This article was originally published on March 4 with the incorrect video media. We apologize for this mistake. On Monday February 10th, a large group of RHS students participated in a student-led...

Freshman skater sparkles on ice


  There's a familiar thrill to hearing her teammates shriek, cheer and shout behind the plexiglass as she enters the rink. Each smooth swipe over the ice is greeted with cacophony in the form...

Hunting legacy in the clothing industry


Junior Tayson Hunt is trying to break into the fashion industry through his new start up clothing brand, “Tribe Of Creators,” with no experience and only one goal: to collaborate with as many artists...

BSU marches out to activist causes

KASIM JAMIL March 2, 2020

Roseville’s Black Student Union has taken their activism to the streets through marches, rallies and protests. Senior Amy Chepru is very passionate about her involvement in BSU and social activism...

Senior starts tuning to new horizons

Senior starts tuning to new horizons

JULIE NGUYEN February 7, 2020

As chords and tempo blend together, the adept strumming of a skilled musician fills the room. Instruments adorn the space: tucked lovingly under a bed, displayed proudly on the walls like treasured family...

Crossing the Rubicon: 3 dimensions

NATHAN PIEDAD February 3, 2020

The Rubik’s Cube is a childhood staple. A simplistic design conceals hours of idle entertainment posed in the form of a challenge. And senior Trey Driggs is always ready to take on a challenge. Driggs...

Junior David Silva implements league for RHS video game club

NATHAN PIEDAD January 17, 2020

Sports first comes to mind for many when they think of the idea of a “league” or a “power ranking”. For junior David Silva however, he imagines the clicking of video game controllers in a crowded...

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