Fine Line: More Than Just a Harry Styles Album

After almost three years, Harry Styles’s released his new album Fine Lines. The album had fans waiting until midnight Eastern Time to listen to the new sound and vibe. Although many had made their mind up on whether or not would like the album well before it came out, I found myself pleasantly surprised.


I was a big fan of Harry Styles’s first album. He managed to mix pop, rock, and country with a bit of folk vibes in there, while managing to keep it all cohesive. His songs released were vulnerable- they felt real and more genuine than his previous songs with One Direction.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of some of the songs on the album. They felt more like a way to grab easy cash- putting a song to put out a song instead of putting a song out that has genuine emotion and meaning. For example, his opening song Golden, while catchy, didn’t have the same realness the first album had. It’s just Styles singing “La La La” in the background while “You’re so Golden” jumps in between verses. However, it did have me singing it for a couple of hours afterwards.

Listening to the first album compared to the start of the second feels like listening to two completely different artists.


My favorite song on the album was Falling. I’m a big fan of songs and artists who can convey deep emotions in a short song. What I love most about this song is its simplicity. 

Often times, radio artists are so focused on having as much sound effects and noises going on in the track- it gets to the point that the song no longer sounds good and is a distraction for having a mediocre voice. With Falling, it is just Harry, just a piano doing a small chord progression and just an electric guitar playing a solo. The song proves how talented he is and highlights the fact that he doesn’t need a million sounds to deter from his vocals.

I also was in love with the song Canyon Moon. It definitely has some Creedence Clearwater Revival influence in it. What I love the most (besides the incredible vocal melody) was that it highlights how diverse Styles is musically. He can jump around to all different genres and would still be a top artist in that genre.


Overall, the album was great. Sure, there were songs that I didn’t love. But, there were songs that I absolutely adored. There is genuinely something for everyone on this album. Sure, Harry Styles may be one of the kindest guys on the planet and has incredible fashion style.

However, his best quality is his ability to make everyone love him, and in return, feel loved themselves. He creates music for everyone- not just fangirls. His music and his message to constantly treat people with kindness creates a safe place in this world that doesn’t always feel safe.