Disney+ brings heat to the streaming competition

If you have been paying attention to the Eye of the Tiger’s Arts and Entertainment staff on any platform in the past year, you would know how much we have been anticipating Disney Plus: Disney’s version of an online streaming service similar to Hulu or Netflix with the intent to have all Disney properties available to you at any time.

I would say that they are pretty close to achieving that goal in the first week of release. There are so many movies and shows that I have not seen since I was little and would go through my great grandmas VHS collection when I was little. I was surprised how extensive it is they have shorts from the 1920’s.

Priced at $6.99 a month (or $69.99 for an entire year) it is one of the cheapest apps on the market- not to mention the bundle they have for $12.99 a month that includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus.

When I logged in for the first time it felt like Disney, the quality and layout of the platform made me so excited to start going through their library to make my watchlist. They have everything from every decade.

There are so many fun ways to explore. You can just search on the search bar like a boring person or you can go to one of the five channels: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. If you want to be more specific, you can go to the “collections” under the search bar that have titles that relate to whichever one you click on.

 For example, they have a Darth Vader collection which has every title with Darth Vader in it. They have Pixar Shorts, Mickey and Friends, Disney Channel Originals among many more.


There were many bugs upon release that prevented something to load or some TV shows were missing certain episodes. It was noticeably worse on the mobile app than on the TV, but they were to be expected and there was no way there weren’t gonna be any bugs on a brand new app with heavy network traffic. But I’ve already noticed less and less bugs every day and they are really on top of it.

Unfortunately, there are some newer titles missing. After all, they couldn’t have everything right away. They are still adding new movies and shows every month.

As for their originals, they are pretty solid with The Mandalorian being near perfect. It might be my favorite Star Wars title since Disney bought Lucasfilm. And, it is already in production for its second season right now. I like that they drop episodes weekly rather than all at once to binge. I feel like it allows for a viewing style that lets you enjoy and get excited for the content more than just consuming it like fast food. 


The Lady and the Tramp reboot is decent. It could have been better, but I would watch it over the new Aladdin or Lion King remake any day. There are some other series like High School Musical or Encore that are not really for me, but if you are into that stuff than you would probably like it.

I really enjoyed the first couple episodes of the Jeff Goldblum National Geographic show, it fun and short and nice change of pace if you are looking for something different to watch. And finally, the weekly documentary series called The Imagineering Story  I absolutely loved watching. And if you are in to the history of Disney and its theme parks, then I highly recommend it.

The biggest thing missing is Marvel. It would have been nice to have an original show from them at release similar to Mandalorian. But we will have to wait roughly a year for their first series, Falcon and Winter Soldier to release.

If you enjoy the content Disney puts out than you will really enjoy this and I highly recommend this to you if you don’t already have it.