COVID-19: Answering your questions


Eye of the Tiger wants to answer your questions about COVID-19 and RJUHSD. Ask us any questions on our Twitter, Instagram Stories or Facebook. Check back frequently as we update this Q&A with more answers.


Q: Why is the district waiting to close?

A: As of right now, the district is taking advice from public health officials and will not close schools until told to do so.


Q: When will the junior prom be rescheduled to?

A: While the March 14th date for junior prom has been canceled, student government is actively working to reschedule it for after spring break.


Q: What if you were taking the March 14 SAT?

A: If you were scheduled to take an SAT at one of the RJUHSD sites hosting it this weekend, that test date will now move to March 28.


Q: Where do students go for ROAR?

A: As you may have heard in this morning’s announcements, students will attend their priority period during ROAR. For today, Wednesday the 11th, students will attend second period.


Q: What’s the plan for the play?

A: As of right now, the spring musical, alongside the guitar show and jazz performance, have been postponed. Those dates will be decided at a later date after spring break.


Q: Is the SAT at Rocklin on Saturday morning cancelled too?

A: According to Rocklin Unified School District website, the March 14 SAT is now cancelled. Be sure to check your emails for updates from College Board.


Q: Has independence closed down?

A: While some classes were cancelled today, a representative from Independence High School says that school is still in session.


Q: What are seniors going to do that can’t go on college tours?

A: This will be a school by school basis so if you have a college tour scheduled in the coming weeks. Be sure to refer to that site’s website.


Q: Will I get it?

A: One of the reasons RJUHSD has not closed down any schools is because they are no confirmed cases among students, staff, or their families continue to practice good hygiene and stay home if you are sick.


Q: Is the guitar show cancelled?

A: The guitar show has been cancelled. The event may be possibly rescheduled in the future.


Q: Would sports get cancelled if school got closed?

A: In the event a member of the RJUHSD community tests positive, athletic participation would cease, according to RHS athletic director Emily Dodds.


Q: How will we know if we are in stage three?

A: Stage 3 would mean that a member of the RJUHSD community has been tested positive for COVID-19. This information would come from the district.


Q: Do you think senior ball will be cancelled?

A: Since limitations on activities are only in place until April 13th, as of right now events like senior ball and graduation are still scheduled.


Q: I’m not going to junior prom anymore, can I get a refund on my ticket?

A: In the event that junior prom is cancelled all students who purchased tickets will receive a refund. If you are looking to receive a refund before the event is actually cancelled please refer to Mr. Pipitone.


Q: What will happen with band competitions?

A: According to drum captain Isabella Langley, all band competitions have been cancelled.


Q: Why is Yosemite being cancelled if it is planned for after April 13th?

A: As of right now the Yosemite trip is scheduled for April 17th so if the limitation on activities is still in place by then, that event will be cancelled.


Q: Where can we go during break? Is the cafe still open?

A: While the school is trying to limit gatherings of more than 50 people, the cafeteria will still be open during the break.


Q: Why are all other clubs cancelled but CIF sports are not? Hardly seems fair?

A: The district consulted with the California Interscholastic Federation and came to the conclusion that because sports are interdependent between schools and school districts, athletic contests are still in place.


Q: Who can go to sports games now?

A: According to RHS athletic director Emily Dodds, only immediate family will be admitted into games. For paid events, no students can attend.


Q: Would teachers go live for class?

A: As of right now, all teachers are preparing to move their curriculum online. Whether or not that means going live for their lessons is up to the teacher themselves.


Q: Why aren’t we closing since there had been cases in Roseville?

A: Because the case in Roseville did not specifically occur in the RJUHSD district, the district has not been advised to close down schools.


Q: Is graduation in jeopardy?

A: According to assistant superintendent of business services Joe Landon, nothing has changed regarding the status of graduation.


Q: Is there a chance that sports could start back up sooner?

A: All athletics have been postponed until April 14th, but if school is cancelled for any period of time sports will not be allowed to continue during that time.



Q: If RJUHSD closes down what software/program would teachers use for online classes?

A: This would be up to each individual teacher. Teachers I know personally are looking into using google classroom, blackboard, and possibly (idk what cam said LOL)


Q: Has prom been cancelled?

A: The March 14th Junior Prom date was cancelled but student gov is looking into rescheduling for sometime after spring break.


Q: Why cancel all this stuff while PE is in the gym and lunch in the cafeteria is still going on?

A: According to Principal Nicholas Richter because schools are mandated to offer lunch to students the cafeteria still remains open. As for PE that is a course subject class and so students still must attend that class.


Q: Will there be attendance in the morning or just turning in assignments during the day?

A: Students will not be required to check in for their classes in the morning, but if a teacher has an assignment due at a specific time of the day the student is expected to submit their assignment by that time.


Q: Will we be making up the 3 weeks of missed instruction in June or does online exclude that?

A: Because of the districts initiative to go 1 to 1 with student Chromebooks, students are able to complete their curriculum online. This means that school will not extend past May 28th.


Q: Will our online work have to be completed in the same time span as a normal school day?

A: While deadlines are up to the teachers themselves, the district is practicing Asynchronous learning which means that students can submit their work anytime during the day it’s due.


Q: Do we go to school Monday?

A: No, students will not attend school until April 14th and online learning will begin this upcoming Wednesday.


Q: What if google classroom isn’t set up in one of my periods?

A: Students can expect to receive emails from their teachers if there is not a google classroom set up for that class.


Q: How is the closure going to affect the 4/4 ACT test date?

A: If you are scheduled to take a standardized test at a Sacramento or Placer County school site then that test has been cancelled.


Q: How are PE and dance classes going to work?

A: Right now it is unclear what students will do for PE offsite. As for advanced dance students can expect to upload and view choreography on google classroom.


Q: How will the video form of Eye of the Tiger continue with the closing of the high school?

A: While regularly scheduled broadcasts for Tuesday and Friday will not air while school is closed, you can expect to see a segment on school closure this upcoming Tuesday.


Q: Will we be using the Zoom app like some of the other schools are considering using?

A: As of right now, teachers may choose their preferred platform to provide lectures and assignments. However, the RJUHSD has partnered with Zoom to aid teachers in providing live instruction.


Q: Are the AP exams still happening in May?

A: According to the CollegeBoard, “The AP Exam administration remains as scheduled for schools that will be open on May 4-8 and 11-15, with late testing scheduled for May 20-22.” This includes RJUHSD.


Q: Is the rescheduled SAT on 3/28 cancelled?

A: The SAT on the 28th of this month has been cancelled at all placer county and Sacramento county school sites. Please continue to monitor your emails for communications from college board about the rescheduling of these events.