TRAILER WATCH: ‘The Last Jedi’ second trailer adds much needed action


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After the wild success of the first trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Lucasfilm dropped a second trailer. The new trailer is called “Awaken”. It calmed all of the fears I had after the first trailer.

After the first trailer, which lacked much action, my fear of the lack of action in the newest movie was quickly put to rest while watching this trailer. The action looks much more intense than in the first trailer.Working with only 45 seconds, they had much more action, and made overall better use of the time that they had, than they did with the two and a half minutes in the first trailer.

While some clips used in the second trailer were also used in the first trailer, their usage was completely justified as the clips acted as great transitions that pieced together all of the brief scenes of action. The clips just upped the hype I already had from watching the first trailer.




Music in the trailer feels great. The background music feels very suspenseful and makes the trailer more intense.

The new clips towards the end of the trailer also added so much excitement. With a shot of Rey (Daisy Ridley) standing with her lightsaber in a rainstorm that looked really cool, it just got me so hyphy.

Even though this trailer makes ground in the action category, it doesn’t show anything that gives any new big hints towards what could happen during the movie.

With great music and awesome shots of the characters, the trailer looks great. I can’t wait until the movie is released in December.