OPINION: Pro Mask Choice



Although many people are against masks being made optional for students, I think it’s important to give students a choice. I believe that in high school, students are at the age where they should be allowed to make choices for themselves. While I don’t think anyone should break rules based on their choice, they should be given the option. If students are concerned about their safety or have health problems then they should absolutely wear a mask, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. Students who are vaccinated and aren’t vulnerable to COVID should be allowed to choose. 

Although the district did make masks optional, that doesn’t mean students can’t wear masks. The students who are still concerned about getting COVID can still wear masks. If students believe that they are safe and don’t need to wear masks, they should be allowed to take them off. 

I believe that there are certain situations where this shouldn’t apply, like if they are sick or they or someone they’ve been around has had COVID recently. In a case like that, the student should be required to wear a mask. I think there should have been rules like these instead of just giving students a choice and just leaving it at that, but I do agree with giving healthy students a choice.

Some of those rules could be a mandatory test if you were in close contact with a student who tested positive. Either wear a mask or quarantine if you have symptoms and wear masks if you are sensitive to COVID. 

I agree with the decision to give students a choice, but I also think that it could have been handled better. We could have gotten some rules or maybe eased into it instead of immediately not requiring students to wear masks. I think the decision was a bit rushed, but I don’t think it’s too late to create some rules for it.