Varsity softball finds creative way to stay active


Living a physically active lifestyle is crucial to our health, and that can be difficult to maintain, now especially.

In this year’s fourth period athletic PE, softball students are being required to make “fitness videos” as evidence they are still being active during this time of staying inside. Traditionally they would be using this extra time to practice and prepare for the season.

Junior Annie Lemos, a varsity softball player, was caught by surprise when they were assigned the videos.

“Making these fitness vlogs took a little getting used to, but honestly it can be enjoyable,” says Lemos.

Working out alone could be straining and extraneous, but having to film it and document it adds an interesting and fun variable to it.
“Filming them holds me and my teammates accountable and can actually be pretty fun.” said Lemos.

Junior and Varsity softball player Lauren Mirtoni is thankful to have the opportunity of being assigned to workout for a class, adding a bit of a change to their schoolwork.

“We could have been assigned something bland and boring but instead we have the chance to workout as an assignment,” said Mirtoni.
“Being active is more important than ever, especially being trapped inside and not getting our normal routine of physical activities in.”
Although maintaining positive outlooks during the outbreak is hard, for the varsity softball team they are making the most of it and having some fun doing so.