Rec admin tackles teaching P.E. at Maidu



Leaving campus could be a strenuous task, but for 4th period rec admin this in their daily schedule.

Traditionally, they have only taught at Spanger Elementary, which is within walking distance to RHS. This year, the fourth period class has taken the role as the PE teachers at Maidu Elementary School – and, though the class traditionally  splits roles with hired PE teachers from the elementary school, at Maidu they do not have any. RHS students have fallen into that role instead. 

Through trial and error, the students have been training and learning since the start of this term to tackle the role. With the school being further away, students now have to find a ride to Maidu or drive to be in the fourth period class.

All students have a sticker on the back of their ID card to allow them off campus. Students leave right after 3rd period or 2nd lunch and return back to campus to drop other classmates off around 2:25. 

Senior Mack Baddley was in the class both this year and last year. 

“It’s a little different with having to drive ourselves instead of just walking to Spanger like last year,” Badly said. “But it’s worth it because the kids are great.” 

The students arrive at the school around 1:15 and leave back to campus around 2:15. Junior Davis Pham has to rely on other people to transport him as he does not have his license, 

“I know some people had to drop the class because they didn’t have a ride,” Pham said. “It’s a long process, but it worked because as soon as we got over there, we knew what we were doing and were ready to start.”