Hunting legacy in the clothing industry



The success of Hunt’s Tribe of Creator hoodies encouraged him to move into creating other articles of clothing. Though he currently only has tentative plans for expansion, Hunt hopes that, given time, he will be a lasting brand within the industry.


Junior Tayson Hunt is trying to break into the fashion industry through his new start up clothing brand, “Tribe Of Creators,” with no experience and only one goal: to collaborate with as many artists as possible. 

Hunt first received inspiration for the brand in 2016. Though it was his brother who initially started the clothing line, due to scheduling conflicts and lack of interest, Hunt inherited the bones of his brother’s idea.      

“My brother started the brand,” Hunt said. “And I picked it up where he left off.”

Hunt’s first clothing drop was set for January 8. He sold out in three days.

“It felt good because my hard work paid off,” Hunt said.

Since his first launch, word of Hunt’s brand has spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth and social media. The resulting gain in followers and the promise of another, upcoming drop was more than exciting: it was a dream come true. Hunt had finally stepped out onto the path to success. 

But that didn’t happen overnight. Hunt experienced plenty of hiccups along the way. 

“I didn’t know where to begin and [I]  had tons of questions and didn’t know how to start,” Hunt said. 

To fix his uncertainty, Hunt educated himself on the industry he was looking to enter and studied successful brands. He thought this was his first step into the business. 

Hunt’s friend, as well as customer,  junior Bryce Dugger believes in Hunt’s ability to make the brand something big, 

“I feel like Tribe of Creators has some potential,” Dugger said. “If he keeps working on it as hard as he is doing now, it can definitely turn into something bigger.”

Tribe of Creators is gaining traction fast. Every day, greater numbers of people flock to Hunt’ website and social media to check out who they are and what they do. Many people discover the brand largely as a result of other students on Instagram. 

“I’ve seen a lot of people on Instagram post on their story, shouting it out and what-not,” said Dugger. 

Between balancing school, sports, and more, finding time for his brand is definitely a challenge. But in Hunt’s eyes, it’s all absolutely worth it.

“Working on the company is something that’s fun for me to do,” Hunt said. “I guess you can call it sort of like a hobby, so finding time for it isn’t very challenging.” 

Clothing is something Hunt is passionate about and finds interesting, though it was difficult to get his business to intersect with his real-life passion.

Hunt hopes his hard work and sacrifice will pay off as he works toward bettering his company and figuring out what the future holds for Tribe of Creators.

“Some goals I have for the brand are meeting new people, making connections and selling out clothes,” Hunt said. 

According to Hunt, for small brands like his, it’s especially important that he emphasizes the importance of creating brand-new industry connections, as it could help him develop and sustain his brand for a longer length of time. Hunt is already creating plans for the long-term. His company is rapidly growing and if he wants to turn Tribe of Creators into a long term operation, he must consider how to sustain it.

“I can see this as a long term thing, as long as I can keep up advertisement, keep going on sales and just getting the brand out there more,” Hunt said.