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SPRING IN PREVIEW: How you should spend your break

The following are what Eye of the Tiger believes should help fill leisurely spring break hours. SLIDER BURGERS 6661 STANFORD RANCH RD. The Classic Slider (part of the “Build ...Full Article

Dr. Bob’s Donuts give veganism a bad name

By Netzy Ortega As a health-conscious vegan, donuts and frozen yogurt haven’t been foods I regularly eat. So when I heard that the “delicious and nutritious” Dr. Bob’s Donuts ...Full Article

MICHELLE’S FOOD JOURNAL: True cultural cuisine revolves around spice

Each issue, senior Michelle Im will scout out the best local eateries. On the way, she finds the good, bad, and in-between of a particular dining scene. Dear food ...Full Article

Studio Movie Grill screens movies, not food quality

By Haylee Sex Studio Movie Grill is currently trending in the Roseville community, with its elaborate architecture, comfy seats, and innovative movie theater experience. One thing’s for sure though; ...Full Article

Chando’s Tacos street eats impress

By Marc Chappelle Taco Bell or any other nearby Mexican joint not named Chando’s won’t be seeing business from me any time soon. That’s not to say that the ...Full Article

MICHELLE’S FOOD JOURNAL: Girl Scouts follow up on years of delicious confections

This issue, seniors Luz Flores and Haylee Sex got particularly excited about a new addition to the Girl Scouts’ cookie-selling campaign. Michelle Im offered to open her journal to ...Full Article

Quality meets price at Pressed Juicery

By Sophia Mogannam When I first walked past the Pressed Juicery in the Fountains, I was intrigued by the concept of cold-pressed drinks, as I had only ever made ...Full Article

MICHELLE’S FOOD JOURNAL: Bloom’s coffee appealing to hurried high-schoolers

Each issue, senior Michelle Im will scout out the best local eateries. On the way, she will find the good, bad, and in-between of a particular dining scene. This issue’s target: Cupcakes. Dear food ...Full Article

MICHELLE’S FOOD JOURNAL: Cute Nothing Bundt Cakes offerings make anyone feel special

Each issue, senior Michelle Im will scout out the best local eateries. On the way, she will find the good, bad, and in-between of a particular dining scene. This issue’s target: Cupcakes. Having a ...Full Article

ORTEGA: School district needs to emphasize student dietary health

By Netzy Ortega As the first month of the new year comes to end, some have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. Out of all the people ...Full Article

TOP 5: Holiday Sweets

By Isabel Fajardo & Michelle Im 1. Pinkberry’s Brownie a la mode ($4.99) If you’re in love with blends of peppermint and chocolate (which are perfect on their own, by the way), then ...Full Article

EAT ME WITH MADIE WHALEN: Pho Hang touts strongest local bowls at decent prices

By Madie Whalen “An khoe nhu voi.” (Eat as strongly as elephant) -Vietnamese proverb Let me just start off by saying that there’s no really outstanding place to eat ...Full Article

PHOTOS: Fall Festival comes to Campo

Staff report Roseville High School students celebrated the approaching Thanksgiving break by participating in fall-themed games on Campo St. during both lunches today as part of RHS’ annual Fall ...Full Article

ORTEGA: Thanksgiving no longer means what it should – and it’s our fault

By Netzy Ortega Thanksgiving has come a long way since its original conception, and while change is necessary, I feel like it has lost its original purpose. I decided ...Full Article

EAT ME WITH MADIE WHALEN: Starbucks straddles fine line between strong, sweet

By Maddie Whalen “Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions.” -Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming I love Shady Coffee and Tea. Not for their drinks ...Full Article

GUARDINO: How do you sell whole grains? You don’t.

By Haley Guardino “Get your air-popped, butter-free popcorn!” Imagine trying to raise funds for your club, organization or sport without the box of variety candy, the chocolate bars or ...Full Article

Snowbee impresses with deluxe desserts

By Jillian Fang After drooling over pictures of their mouth-watering desserts on social media, I had to seek out the wonderfully original Snowbee Tea Station. I couldn’t stop the ...Full Article

Roseville Sonic closure leaves disappointing void

By Madison Telles The loss of a beloved food establishment has left a hole in the late-night food scene that no amount of Taco Bell can fill, leaving random ...Full Article

EAT ME WITH MADIE WHALEN: Sushi Mon strikes satisfying balance between taste, price

By Madie Whalen Each issue, senior Madie Whalen will scour the Roseville area to get a bite of the best food in town to find the best, worst and ...Full Article

RJUHSD aims to increase whole grain selections, overall healthiness

By Jillian Fang Roseville High School will soon see the vending machines and cafeteria stocked with healthier alternatives in replacement of snacks that were allowed under the previous year’s ...Full Article