The varsity boys basketball team took on the Ponderosa Bruins last Friday, losing 80-62. Sophomore player Joe Cirrincione thinks the team played well but not well enough to pull off a win.
“I thought we played well,” Cirrincione said. “The shots didn’t fall when we needed them to, and that will come along the more we play and get later on into the season.”
The team is 1-5 in league play thus far, and Cirrincione thinks the team needs to score more and play better team defense in order to win.
“Our defense is looking okay,” Cirrincione said. “We need to work harder and focus more to stop other teams from scoring. Our offense and scoring will come with time.”
The Tigers travel to Oakmont High School tonight to take on the Vikings at 7:00, hoping to snap a five game losing streak.


The JV boys basketball team had a 71-61 win over the Ponderosa Bruins last Friday. The team was down by 15 at the end of the first quarter, but the boys picked up their game from the second quarter on and felt confident coming out of the game.
“We played really well during the last three quarters,” freshman player Jack Esparza said. “We were unstoppable.”
Sophomore Nathan Richardson agrees with his teammate and feels that the team had a productive practice the previous day.
“We had a great game,” Richardson said. “We had a good practice the day before and continued that play into the game.”
The boys take on the Oakmont Vikings this afternoon.


The freshman boys basketball team dropped to 3-3 in league play after its 52-37 loss against the Ponderosa Bruins last Friday. This is the boys’ second consecutive loss in league play.
The team’s starting point guard, Jaylen Solich, missed his second game in a row due to sickness. According to player Tyler Edwards, this is one reason why the team has lost its last two games.
“We are definitely missing Jaylen out there,” Edwards said. “Playing with Jaylen makes our team much more confident on the court and we don’t feel pressured to score.”
This was the boys’ second lowest scoring game of their season.
“We definitely need Jaylen back, and we need to keep playing hard in order to win more games this year,” Edwards said.
The Tigers play against the Oakmont Vikings today at 4:30.

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