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STAR Testing To Be Replaced By New Common Core Tests 

Bubble sheets are most often used by students during STAR testing.

By Jessica Wang

California Standardized Tests will eventually be eliminated in order to make way for the Common Core assessments. The assessments will be available to all schools in the year 2015.

“I’m positive about [Common Core] but what I would be concerned about would be the assessment,” said social science teacher Guy Fine.

Unlike the CSTs, the Common Core assessments test students on critical thinking and application skills. These tests will include extended responses, essays and projects.

“We’re going to need to teach a little differently,” said Roseville High School assistant principal Judi Daniels.

Next year the state has offered schools to become a pilot program. These schools will receive the assessment and the juniors will be taking the test. It may be optional for freshman and sophomores.

It is currently unsure whether RHS will become a pilot school.

Common Core assessments require students to take the test on a computer. Parts of the test will respond to students’ answers and compose questions based off of the answer they choose. Understanding and developing graphs and tables will also be a requirement for students.

The test will be four hours long and will have to be taken anytime during a 12 week period.

“The unfortunate thing is there is this big set of unknowns still,” said mathematics teacher David Ray.

Some RHS teachers have been attending district meetings about Common Core. These meetings give teachers more information on both Common Core and the new assessment.

A number of RHS teachers are working with the district to prepare for the new standards.

“I think it has the potential to be a lot better,” said English teacher Denise Weis.

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