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R.O.S.E. Program Holds 19th Annual Spring Cleaning Event, Cleans Senior Citizen’s Homes 

     By Galina Serman

     Roseville High School’s R.O.S.E. program is going to hold its 19th annual spring cleaning. In March, the program coordinates and sponsors a spring cleaning where volunteers fromRosevilleHigh School clean about six senior citizen’s homes from theRoseville community.

     The program seeks to build relationships with the seniors of RHS and the seniors of theRosevillecommunity.

     “I started because I felt that great generations had a lot to learn from each other and gives the students a chance to do kind deeds which helps build character,” said R.O.S.E. program’s coordinator Dean Gadway.

     There are two events that the program holds each year. The first was the R.O.S.E. Historical Tour that was held in the fall. There was a picnic organized for the senior citizens which allowed students to learn about the community through the older generation. The Spring Cleaning is the second component.

     “Spring cleaning is not only cleaning but also building relationships and connections,” said principal Basham.

     For the spring cleaning there is a student leader for each house who will pre-visit with the senior citizen to determine what is needed to be cleaned and to initiate a connection.

     “We ask students to not only clean, but also converse and share stories,” said Gadway.

     According to Basham there are a variety of reasons for the event, such as to doing difficult jobs around the house and doing tough jobs. Students come out and do deep cleaning such as pulling weeds and trim bushes.

     One of the main goals of the program is reaching out and sharing intergenerational experience.

     “Lots of people are scared of old people,” saidClark. “[You] get to talk and ear stories while helping them [the senior citizens] along the way.”

     According to Basham it’s a way of driving barriers down of RHS students and to help students understand what its like to get old and rely on others for help.

     This year the event was originally scheduled for March 17, 2012.

     According to Gadway, Basham cancelled because of the weather. The new date is moves to April 14, 2012.

    “[The event] was cancelled because three out of the six homes were all out door,” said senior Amanda Clark, “[We] didn’t want to give up [the experience] so we decided to postpone so we can actually do the house work for all the houses.”

     Students enjoy the program and what it has to offer.

     “I love the program,” saidClark. “It’s a great experience.”



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