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Roseville High School Junior Prom Nominations Should be Based on More Than Popularity 

     By Katelyn Rolen

     It’s that magical time of year again. Junior prom nominations.

     Every year, we seem to follow the annoying trend of nominating the most popular people we can find atRoseville High School. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the popular kids, but what if we decided to nominate someone aside from a well knownRoseville High School athlete? What if we nominated girls who aren’t really considered popular? Would that kill us? I don’t think so.

     All of the kids at RHS who are considered “popular” are generally nice and likeable people, but there are also other kids here that are just as amazing that often don’t get the same recognition. I think that those kids, the ones who aren’t necessarily popular, sometimes are the ones that deserve the most notice. I think that sometimes we are blinded by the latest achievement one of our noted athletes, or by what new clothes or makeup style the popular girls are wearing. Sometimes we are so caught up with what the “cool” kids are doing that we barely have time to look and see all of the other great kids that surround us.

     It would be a nice change to see a group of well rounded kids nominated for junior prom court. Personally, I know at least a handful of kids that I’d rather see nominated than another athlete or student government matriarch. I think its time to focus the spotlight more on the “average” kids and for once, let them show all the students here that you don’t have to be popular to become noticed. You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous, wear the latest fashions, be athletically gifted, or have washboard abs to be liked.

     I hope that in the near future of junior prom nominations, we will take a step back and consider that maybe it is time for a change. Maybe we want to see some of the various other students chosen for junior prom court. Popular kids aren’t the only students who walk the halls at RHS, they aren’t the only ones who eat in the cafeteria and they aren’t the only ones who sit in the desks of our classrooms, so why are they the only ones who are nominated for junior prom court?

     Personally, I would like to see our mindset abandon the extreme emphasis on social status and focus more on people’s true character to decide on who deserves to become nominated for junior prom court. There are some amazing, intelligent, good natured students that deserve the recognition of being nominated for junior prom court. So what if they don’t rule the school? In my opinion, I think that social status should never be the determining factor in any situation, especially when it comes to high school related events. Just because you aren’t as popular as some other kid absolutely does not mean in any way, shape, or form that you aren’t as good and deserving as they are.

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