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New Anime/Manga Club Hopes of Sharing Japanese Art With Students 

     By Kalei Levy

     A new club has recently taken root on campus called the Anime/Manga Club.

     This club was organized and put together byRosevilleHigh Schooljunior Jori Vajretti. She transferred fromGraniteBayand wanted to share her love for Japanese Art with RHS.

     She got kids to sign up for this club and then asked art teacher Joyce Henry to sponsor them.

     “I was skeptical at first because I didn’t think she would get everything together,” said Henry. “I wanted her to prove it, and she did.”

     Vajretti hosts meetings every Wednesday during the one lunch in the art building where there is a 15-20 student turnout every time. 

     At the meetings, club members watch Japanese animations and take turns displaying different pieces of art. Vajretti teaches them about Manga and about the culture. They also discuss their budget and different activities they can partake in. They have a syllabus and club rules and take the club meetings very seriously.

     “She gets so many people to show up and keeps everyone interested, it’s like magic,” said Henry

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